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Marie Demaison is a French cinematographer.
Born in 1981, her passion for the moving image began in her teens, through home movies and experimental films made with friends.

She began her professional career as a camera assistant to Matthieu Poirot-Delpech AFC, Antoine Héberlé AFC, Claire Mathon AFC and Alexis Kavyrchine.
She then worked for five years as a camera operator, collaborating with lot of feature film directors, notably Cedric Klapisch, Louis Garrel and Stephane Brizé.
As a director of photography, she shot her first feature, "Une Comédie Romantique ", in 2022.

Demaison’s twenty years of experience on set has honed her capacity for resourcefulness in pursuit of a director’s vision. She approaches each film as a search for new ways of seeing.


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