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In the spring of 2018, we initiated meetings between female directors of photography, convinced that we have our say in the reality of women's work around the camera. Since then we have welcomed new members : DOP, camerawomen, A.C., electricians, machinists and D.I.T.

Regarding the mathematic fact that our profession exists only within a still very gendered industry : we are only 24% in these fields, we wonder...

How do we do our job? What is our responsibility? What kind of leader are we? Is there a specificity of the female gaze behind a camera? What are the sentences that we have all, or almost all, heard? How can we break the glass ceiling holding back our careers? How do we defend our point of view ?


We will always consider the diversity we bring among all the necessary diversities.

Joining forces while preserving the richness and plurality of our sensibilities, here is the proposal of our collective Femmes à la caméra / Women with a Movie Camera **, which today brings together 184 members.


* Source Audiens, cinema and audiovisual.

** A nod to Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera 

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